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Anyone who lives in Erie and is facing financial troubles can reach out to our Erie tax relief specialists for help today! There are a variety of difficulties that you could be facing in regards to the IRS, tax returns and other financial issues too. Letting these difficulties just sit around and fester up isn’t going to help out your budget at all. The only way to get behind these financial tax difficulties and overcome them is to contact our Erie tax relief specialists. You need someone who knows how to solve these issues professionally to help you personal life and financial budget get back on track. Our Erie team is the help that you are looking for.

If I contact the IRS is it possible they will settle my case for a lower amount than what I owe them?

The IRS is very likely to settle your case for less than the amount you owe. Basically, they just want to get their money. However, you don’t want to contact them blind. Having a professional tax relief team behind you can help you to get the best deal on your case. The program that helps out with this is called the Offer in Compromise or the OIC. There are some Offer in Compromise plans that could help you get your total payment amount lowered:

  1. Doubt as to Collectibility- In this plan the IRS will look at your income and the assets that you have. If they determine that there is no way you would be able to make the payments they want you to pay in a decent period of time, they may agree to decreasing the amount of money that is owed to them.
  2. Doubt as to Liability- Sometimes there is doubt to whether or not you really do even owe the money to the IRS or not. If there is some suggestion that you don’t owe the money and the IRS has no way to prove otherwise, you could get approved for lower amounts or a discharge of the amount.
  3. Effective Tax Administration- If you have no way to make your payments unless you are put in a serious situation then you may qualify for this plan. One example that could qualify for this is if you only get Social Security Disability and you would have to get rid of your home to make the payments.

If you are interested in possibly getting your payments lowered or maybe even discharged our tax relief specialists are ready to check into this for you today!

What happens if the monthly payments the IRS wants from me are too expensive for me to make?

There are different budgeting circumstances for each individual. If you realize that you can’t make the monthly payments that the IRS wants you to make because they are breaking your bank account and  tearing apart your budget then don’t wait to call our Erie  tax relief specialists right now! Our specialists are able to help you consult with the IRS to see if the payments they are requiring from you can be lowered.

Do you have any tax related issues? Have you been getting calls from the IRS about back taxes that you owe? Don’t let the hassles continue be sure to make the call to our Erie team right away so we can get the ball rolling on handling any tax related issues you may be running into.

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